I wanted to get something to take care of my leather Frye boots. Something that could protect them from water and snow. I saw a Frye-branded Weatherproof Dressing and decided to take a chance. Wow! So much better and easier than I expected.

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I’ve been used to waterproofing sprays, but that takes a lot of time to dry for the multiple coats …and you need to have a well-ventilated area. Now that I’ve moved to Jefftown, my apartment is smaller and I don’t have the well-ventilated area that I used to have in East Williamsburg.

This product is basically just beeswax, which you can use this other product called Atsko Sno-Seal. I think it’s same thing.

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It’s so easy to apply. The Frye product says to use a cloth, but I find that using a latex glove is so a lot better. The cloth will just soak up the beeswax. The latex glove will help coat it smoothly and the beeswax will go farther. The leather will become darker …or in my case, it will return to it’s original dark brown and reduce any appearance of scuffs. And the best part is that water beads off it. I found out by accident. LOL!!!

After applying and working in the beeswax product, it doesn’t feel necessarily sticky like I thought it would. You can wipe any excess off with a cloth.

Best shoe care product I’ve used. I hope you do too.

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