I’m excited about this upcoming wearable tech that is planned to be released later this year by a company called Thync. You put two small, light attachments to your head (temple and back of the neck) and it’ll send electrical pulses to relax or to energize you, controlled by a smartphone app.

Here’s a video of one of the co-founders talking about the product. (via AZ Tech Beat)

And another interview video with the other co-founder here by LS:N Global.

They showed it off to journalists at last month’s CES. Here’s an Engadget review and a Gizmag review where the writer compares it to doing drugs.

At first, this reminded me of Binaural Beats, where you listen to audio frequencies that pulsate and are a slightly different in each ear that supposedly can induce different moods. Some as simple as relaxation all the way to Gates of Hades.

But Binaural Beats don’t have much scientific backing. Could just be a placebo effect. Whereas Thync is doing a lot of testing. Over 3,000 people have tried it so far and 3 out of 4 people report a mood change. That’s pretty good. And if you’re in Boston, I recommend participating in their research. A lot of the appointments are booked, but I did see a couple of openings in as early as March. And they pay you $50 to boot.

I’m excited what other possibilities there could be in the future. Could people manipulate it or create new apps to stimulate different moods? God of Hades perhaps?

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