So apparently, there are two artists in Bushwick that have either spray painted dog turds gold or glittered them gold. Rival street artists! I’ve passed by some of Gold Poo’s work recently around the block from me.

I figure there’s got to be a post about this on! So here it is. But you might as well read about it from Gothamist, Huffington Post and Uproxx, in which they further investigate it.

I do agree with Uproxx in that there’s a bigger message behind turning dog turds gold. It’s saying, “hey, pick up your dog’s shit.” There is so much dog shit on the sidewalks around here in Jefftown. It’s disgusting. This particular time, there were eight separate plots of gold poo on one block. It really is eye-opening, when you realize how much dog shit doesn’t get picked up. It’s a problem.

I almost got killed one time because I saw a car stop to let their dog out to shit and didn’t pick it up. I stared them down. They were big tough looking guys …Action Bronson-esque. They looked back at me and did one of those hit hard on the gas and break as if they were fake punching me, trying to get me to flinch. Fuck them. That’s probably not good for your car. And pick up your dog shit. But yeah, I almost got killed that time.

Gold Painted Dog Poop - Brooklyn Turd

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