Here are the Top 9 Best Spoilers of Stranger Things…

9. Will is not really dead

As noted in the Season 01 Episode 01. He is talking to Winona Ryder over the phone.
Winona on the phone with Will

8. Barb dies

RIP. Sorry (Source: Reddit)

7. Jonathan is Will’s brother

…as determined in Season 01 Episode 01. He is searching for Will with his mom, Winona Ryder. That better be his brother …or I think it’s strange.
Jonathan calls for Will

6. Steve has a sweet dick

Take the Which Stranger Things Character Are You? Quiz!
Steve quiz

5. Hopper is Eleven’s father

It’s pretty obvious, because he laid out Eggo waffles in the box in the woods (Season 01 Episode 08). We know his daughter “died”, but we can assume that she was taken away by Hawkins Laboratory, who faked her death like they did Will. She has a shaved head (like Eleven) in the flashback when Hopper is in the Upside Down World, where he saw the same stuffed tiger that belonged to his daughter (Season 01 Episode 08). There is also the correlation of Matthew Modine talking about telling Eleven Nursery Rhymes (Season 01 Episode 04) and Hopper telling his daughter stories in bed (Season 01 Episode 08). I don’t understand how no one has picked this point up from any recap article or YouTube video I’ve seen. Idiots.
Hopper Daughter hospital

4. Winona Ryder acts crazy

As noted in Season 01 Episode 01 through Episode 08
Winona Crazy
Winona crazy

3. Stranger Things is one of the best shows of our generation

…or of the 80’s generation
Goonies Shuffle

2. The kids in Stranger Things are all incredible singers as I have found when I googled it


1. Eleven is Hopper’s daughter

Hopper wakes up

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