I think of myself as an Indie music nerd. A big fan of Pavement and Guided By Voices. Never really thought to listen to pop music like Taylor Swift. But I was visiting my sister this past Thanksgiving and one of her songs came on. My nieces were dancing. It was really fun to watch them get their groove on …and the song was a lot of fun too!

So since Taylor’s music isn’t streaming on Spotify, I went ahead and bought her CD. Yeah, weird. I haven’t really purchased music in maybe over a decade, since the existence of Limewire, Usenet, torrenting, etc. I’m sure I can still torrent it, but I’m an adult now. And with Spotify and Amazon Prime Music, I find that I don’t really need to buy music. I have access to almost every song I want to hear on my phone or tablet, instantly.

But buying this CD really took me back to when I was a kid and took a chance on buying an album, maybe only knowing one or two songs …sometimes none at all and just thought the album artwork looked cool or they were associated with a band I was fan of. This was cool. I ended up digging other songs on Taylor Swift’s album that I would never have listened to. Plus because I bought it, I felt like I had to listen to it all …which let me give it a real chance.

I know a lot of New Yorkers and bloggers hate the concept of Taylor’s Welcome to New York song, but we all know the lyrics are exactly how we felt when we first moved years ago. We might be jaded now, but New York is still awesome. It’s one of my get-pumped-up for my morning shower songs.

Maybe you don’t want to buy Taylor Swift’s album, but consider taking a chance on buying music even though you might not know the songs …like we used to do when we went to Peaches, Coconuts or Tower Records. You might really like it.

Taylor Swift 1989
Buy on Amazon!

It’s actually cheaper to buy the CD on Amazon ($10) then to buy the MP3s ($12.49). Get the CD and Amazon will give you the MP3s for free anyway for immediately download/streaming.

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