The 57th GRAMMY Awards just happened tonight and Beck won Best Rock Album and Album of the Year. So in the fashion of “Who’s Paul McCartney?”, here’s this asshole that tweeted: “Who’s Beck?”

Of course he knows who Beck is! Just like everyone knows who Paul McCartney is. And if he really doesn’t know, it’s actually more work to tweet it than it would be to Google it and get an answer. But now he tweets: “Who’s Stevie Wonder?”

Of course he knows who Stevie Wonder is! Who doesn’t? Now he’s just trolling us. It’s just like all these people who tweet stupid shit, but websites like Buzzfeed will make a compilation of these stupid tweets and act like they are serious. But sometimes these tweets are somewhat clever and they got you guys, the readers. You guys are like yeah, this tweeter is an idiot. But really you’re the one who’s the idiot, because you don’t get it. Actually, I’m pretty sure Buzzfeed gets it. They’re just click-baiting you.

For instance, take a look at the guy who posted about Neil deGrasse Tyson on the Subway:

So many people thought this tweeter was an idiot. But why would anyone take a photo of a regular Joe that wasn’t Neil deGrasse Tyson and say that? Of course he knows who he is! You got fooled. There’s a good Gawker post from the guy who tweeted it.

So what are people really saying when they ask “Who is Beck?” or “Who is Paul McCartney?” when they’re not trying to bait or troll us? They’re really just saying out loud, here is a person they aren’t familiar with that is apparently someone important, successful or a celebrity that is not relevant to their lives or their generation, but is now in their face. It’s a rhetorical question. It’s like when older people that grew up on Beck ask “Who is Sia or Sam Smith?” Literally, you’re not supposed to take it literally. Otherwise, you’d ask a friend sitting next to you or Google it. Not tweet it. So you shouldn’t get upset if you read a Buzzfeed post of “Who’s Beck?” tweets.

Okay, so back the first asshole who tweeted about Beck. Now he’s tweeted about Beyonce:

Now this troll is just being a dick.

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